IDV Analysis

Ron Lieber and Tara Siegel Bernard’s IDV story How to Fix a Retirement Plan at a School or Nonprofit is a how-to feature story centered around creating and securing retirement plans as an individual within a school or a nonprofit organization. The story is primarily focused on guiding the reader through a series of steps that they can follow in order to ensure their financial security in the distant future.

Aspects of the story I like are the choice to split up the graph about the 403(b) market shares into segments depicting each section invested in it followed by the way the story weaves its narrative through a question and answer style of storytelling. Another notable addition to the story is the embedded text book that can be interacted with to allow readers to better follow the financial guidelines suggested of them by the authors.

A major criticism I have regarding this IDV story is its failure to include anymore graphs or interactive data elements to the story. The news story appears relatively bare and underwhelming due to its inability to capitalize on the various data elements that could have been added to the story.

New values present within the video are impact, proximity and human interest. Impact is a major element because of how an individual’s financial security is very important to protect. Proximity is an element of the story due to the fact that retirement plans are directly linked to the financial forms and plans created by an individual. Lastly, human interest is a major element of this story due to the negative financial implications of having a poor retirement plan.

In conclusion, How to Fix a Retirement Plan at a School or Nonprofit is a below-average data story that succeeds in its goal of informing its readers about plans for proper retirement. The interactive media elements and the data presented within the story provide a frame of reference for the story, but do not follow up its observations by comparing the data retrieved to other possible economic frames of reference. This leaves the readers feeling satisfied with what they have read, however leaves them little reason to bother with the data currently present within the story.

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The Millennial Election Ends With President Trump

Millennial students at The University of Texas at Tyler selected their president for the first time on Tuesday, November 8. Many were surprised to find Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump the victor of the election on the following morning. Students at the university reacted in many ways to the selection of Trump for president.

Many voters are reacting with shock and awe after what some would consider a divisive and polarizing presidential election. The selection for Trump as president was also met with the GOP retaining control over the House and Senate.

Former Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton is projected to win the popular vote despite Donald Trump securing victory in the election. This has resulted in various reactions from her supporters ranging from protests to calls for the Electoral Colleges to be dissolved.

Video Story Analysis

Brian Todd’s video story Experts: North Korea May Act Around US Election is a short video story about the possibility of another missile test from North Korea to influence or intimidate the United States during the next presidential election. Citing information from experts in the field of North Korea research and relations, this video outlines how the threat of North Korean influence could very much be real.

Things I liked within the video story are the excellent choices of B-roll that show the North Korean military displaying their numbers and strength as the interview and narration progresses. Images and clips used within the video story are clear and unobstructed while the interviews properly capture the reaction within the eyes of the interviewees as they discuss the topic of North Korean antagonism.

A criticism I have regarding this video story is the absence of reaction from possible US voters and how they might feel about North Korea influencing the election. With all of the discussion of exterior forces trying to undermine the United States election process, one would think that the video story would provide an opportunity for people to voice their concerns about how such influence might influence the election.

New values present within the video are impact, conflict, timeliness, and prominence. Impact is a major element due to the possibility of the next president of the United States being intimidated or influenced due to the actions of North Korea. Conflict and timeliness are both equally important elements of news here due to the timing of North Korea’s preparations and how they relate to the polarizing political election. Lastly, prominence is a news value within the story due to how it relates to important figures such as presidential Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In conclusion, Experts: North Korea May Act Around US Election is an average video news story about the possibility of North Korean influence in the election. The video story manages to use proper cinematography techniques and captivating B-roll, but fails to raise attention to other issues that pertain to its topic. This creates a story that covers all of the angles within its own field of vision, but leaves it appearing as a missed opportunity when placed beside similar topics of international influence.

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UTTyler unites student community with debate watch parties

The University of Texas at Tyler brings students together by providing them an opportunity to watch the 2016 presidential debates at the University Center Ballroom on Oct 19. Model UN is working with the communication department to provide university students with this opportunity to learn about the presidential debates and how it is that debates function.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton will debate to win the hearts and minds of undecided voters within the country. The debate will air on Fox News.

This event comes as the final presidential debate leads the public gaze towards the election date of Nov 18. Guests such as Roy Maynard will explain to the students how to frame the concept of presidential debates as they listen to what the two candidates have to say.

This is not the first debate watch party hosted by Model UN in the University of Texas at Tyler. The first presidential debate hosted by C-span was watched by university students on Sep 26. Roy Maynard was the primary speaker of the campus event where he explained the three key types of rhetorical approaches to debate. Maynard also live-tweeted the event while showing students where and how each of the candidates appealed to their followers and supporters across the country.

Audio Slideshow Analysis

Aaron Huey’s audio slideshow The Light And Dark On Pine Ridge Reservation is a story about the history and poverty of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and what its residents used to be compared to what they are now. By addressing the topic of assimilation versus rebellion, the slideshow presents a feeling of hopelessness and despair that have been forced onto Native American settlements such as those of Pine Ridge.

Things I liked within the documentary are the use of clear and emotional photos each from different angles that avoid redundancy. Close shots are used properly to capture the emotional despair within the subjects’ faces while crafty mid shots and long shots establish the scene of the poverty-stricken reservation.

A criticism I have regarding this audio slideshow is the lack of proper audio editing to remove stuttering and incomplete sentences. Huey’s voice sometimes stutters or falls too low within the audio slideshow, resulting in the reader having to listen again rather closely to hear his voice due to a lack of consistent audio volume. These could have been avoided through the use of audio editing programs.

New values present within this audio slideshow are impact, human interest, and conflict. Impact is a major element due to the economic struggles of the impoverished reservation and how the poor standard of living leads to alcohol related deaths. Human interest and conflict are both important elements of news present within the audio slideshow due to the struggles of individuals having to take care of their family and how many refuse to accept outside help because they want to be the ones to look out for their families.

Overall, The Light And Dark On Pine Ridge Reservation is a remarkable audio slideshow with a good balance of dramatic photography and poetic narration. Despite the audio stuttering and lack of level volume, the photography and storytelling present the despair and struggle the story was meant to portray. The story has a beginning, middle and end that all reflect the subject matter without straying too far off topic, allowing the slideshow to succeed in its intended goals.

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National Society of Leadership and Success Prepares Events for Fall 2016 Semester

Chase Ragland and Radha Nabar discussed the topic of future events within the local chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success at The University of Texas at Tyler on October 4, 2016. Several events are planned within the organization, including three speaker broadcasts that will be shown within the UC Theater. The gust speakers for the National Society of Leadership and Success are Dolvett Quince from NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser‘, Leigh Anne Tuohy from the original story for the seller and movie ‘The Blind Side‘ and Emmy and Peabody Award Winner Andy Cohen. The possibility of a Halloween-themed party is also being discussed. These events come as the campus organization begins its fourth academic year at The University of Texas at Tyler.

The goal of the National Society of Leadership and Success is to teach students various leadership skills and show them opportunities available to them. “We trying to help build those relationships,” Radha Nabar, chapter president of the UTTyler NSLS branch, said when discussing the goals of the organization. In addition to building opportunities for future leaders, Ragland would also like to see more previous members come back to participate in campus activities. “We’re trying to do more reaching out to alumn,” Organization advisor Chase Ragland said when discussing what he would like to see within the organization. The University of Texas at Tyler chapter for the National Society of Leadership and Success was started in 2012 with Catherine Naylor serving as its first president. Nabar and Ragland encourage anyone interested in joining or reaching out to the organization to contact them at